Thursday, March 31, 2011

Please, Wear Sunscreen... (lesson leanred the hard way).

My parents are wonderful... they bought me a plane ticket to come down and visit them in sunny Florida. Lucky me right? Time away from the WINTER THAT WILL NOT QUIT... one would think.

I was throughly enjoying the weather and time with the parents and sisters until, DUN DUN DUN we went boating. I decided I would be fine for a few hours on the boat without sunscreen. Let me explain. I never really burn or wear sunscreen- last year I did the crazy college Mexico SB and seriously did not touch a bottle of SPF (perhaps I was too busy holding other bottles?) Also, in my crazy Semester abroad, Semester at Sea, I did not burn either... I thought a few hours in Florida was nothing.
 Supper tan in Mexico

I forgot a minor detail, I used to tan all winter. I quit tanning this year for a variety of reasons, which started with being broke and lead to finally admitting that it was TERRIBLE for me and not wanting to look 95 at age 30.

Long story short- I FRIED MY SKIN. I got first degree burn on my thighs, shoulders and chest. My shoulders have already pealed off. Side note: this may get TMI. I could not move the next day because I was a dried cherry. A day later I felt I needed to get a long run in while in FL weather so I went out and ran 11 miles. IDIOT. My legs blew up to the size of Free Willie.

The size of one of my thighs.

From there on out I was inside or hiding under an umbrella sulking and feeling bad for myself. My Dad seemed to fall in love with the saying "All to think it was easily avoidable if you would have listened to me." 

Thanks, Dad.

I am here to say... Dad was right (and Mom) If I would have put on a simple layer of lotion I would not be sitting here with legs the size of  Willow Trees ( yes they are still swollen and yes I am a little freaked out). Side note: I went to the Doc. yesterday and they gave me ointment that smells like toxic BBQ sauce and pain killers. Both weird me out.

Anyways, the moral of my unfortunate story is this... Why learn the hard way when you don't have to? 
I did not have to learn the hard way- I know that sunscreen prevents sunbrun.
I have seen this in many forms of life, too. For example:

Running- learned the hard way not to over run my miles in a week- injury. Why learn the hard way when it is proven that you will get hurt if you run too much.
Work- did not ask questions I should have asked early on in a project. Why learn the hard way when a simple question could have saved time and energy?
Drinking- learned the hard way martinis will ruin my next three days- Why learn the hard way when my sister and parents warned me.
Roommates- Plenty of avoidable arguments that a simple conversation could have saved.
Dating- learned the hard way a jerk is a jerk- Why date a jerk after you already have dated one... they are all the same. Nice guys are way better.
Overeating frosting- okay, I actually just did this because I have homemade PB frosting in my house and now I have a stomach ache. Why learn the hard way when I have suffered frosting stomach aches many times before (okay I'm not that sorry about this one).

Now, do not get me wrong there are somethings that are better learned and NEED to be learned the hard way- or we will never get it. But, after my sunburn from hell, I have decided to start taking a step back and looking at past experiences and others experiences and learning from those instead. 

We are lucky to follow after those with more experience. At work, we should be going to our seniors... they are a tool and a resource- a true privilege to have.

Health- experts study topics such as running, alcohol, eating and SKIN DAMAGE to come up with valuable results that we can learn from THE EASY WAY.

So the moral of my story is... if you don't have to learn the hard way don't- it will save you time, money, skin, and your health.

Now I am going to go eat more frosting.

P.S. For your entertainment: I tried 233245 home remedies Including: a vinger rub down, tomato juice mixed with buttermilk bath, oatmeal bath, face mask all over my body and worst of all icy hot ALL OVER MY BODY...I ran around the house crying/ laughing at the pain/ freeze my body was going through. I do not recommend any.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am always so aloof? Yesterday I posted about starting my New Years Resolution back up... umm did I not realize tomorrow marks the start of Lent?! Haha, I make myself chuckle... well it works out nicely- I will now be writing down three things I am thankful for each day... for Lent.
I was raised Catholic, as mentioned in my best friends post :) but I do not tend to be into the whole giving something up for Lent thing. I think it is because, as a kid, I felt like I was being punished for something. Now, I look at it as a reason to do something good for me and others in my life- giving something up like texting, treats, twitter, or shopping would simply make me crabby. Instead, I am going to do the three things I am thankful for ... and as I sleep tonight I am going to think of something else. I think it is going to be volunteer once a week. I will let you know.
I think it is important to think of something we can do that will make us happy and better people, rather than give something up (well for me that  is- you would not want to know me if I had to go without treats). I think doing something positive makes us all #winners (sorry had to hahaha).

Well, I will keep you posted on how this goes for me/ if I think of anything while I sleep.

Goodnight ninjas and noodles. mwah

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello Monday

I have nothing exciting to say today. I did not slip and fall once, I did not spill on my shirt, and I did wear tennis shoes to the gym. BAH, boring Monday.
OKAY - I just deleted a whole blog about why I actually like Mondays, but then I read it and it was boring. I have nothing to blog about so I am going to tell you 5 things.
1. I made carrot cake balls this weekend (I will put up a recipe later) they were unreal.
2. I did not go out on Friday night- I really need to remember how nice that is more often.
3. Do you remember Kettle Corn? I do and I love it.
4. One thing I would change about my body is my knees- I would get new, perfect knees that never got hurt. (I have had every runners injury in the book and currently have one).
5. It is 10 p.m. and I am going to bed. Exhausted.

Oh, one more thing. I am starting one of my New Years Resolutions again tomorrow (I feel off the wagon) but hey, who says I cannot start again? I am writing down three things I am thankful for everyday. I encourage you to do the same! Or pick up a resolution you forgot about! Woo hoo

I am so tired and boring - I apologize for this post- I am trying to be a better blogger by actually blogging.

Goodnight cutie pies and gum drops.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yoga Lessons

Okay- Hi remember me? I blog here (apparently not so often).

Anywhooo I am writing tonight to
1. tell a funny story and
2. do a little yoga talk.

1. This morning I thought to myself, "Whatever winter we are done! I am wearing my cute flats to work!"

Winter won... As I left the gym from an early morning sweat session- I slipped and fell right on my butt and spilled my bag, shocking. I somewhat awkwardly laughed at myself (had to look cool) and made it to my car. Then as I was walking into work... it happened again, shocking. Oh, want to know the best part?!?! I had coffee in hand. Terrific. Obviously, the start to a good day.
                                           I legit looked like this, except I am not a man.

Now, this leads me to number 2.

2. A lesson from yoga. Well for starters I have been making it a priority to keep yoga in my workout schedule, now that I am working full time. It keeps me calm, grounded and feeling excellent. Not to mention it aids digestion, relieves stress, builds strength and flexibility and tones the bod... I could go on BUT I will get to the point...

I was in a yoga class this evening, which I almost skipped because I was tired and wanted to go home, but I made myself go. I have never once regretted going to yoga. I took a C2- these are usually very fast paced classes, but tonight the teacher kept it a little slower, which actually made it more challenging for me. I often have a hard time with patience. I like to go, go, go. I don't really like sitting still and love to multi-task ... yoga stops that for me. I am challenged to turn my mind off and focus and breathe.
                                         No, that is not me- but clearly this guy can focus.

In this slower class tonight I was a little frustrated at first. I thought to myself "ahh this is boring, hurry up" but I stopped- told myself that I might as well enjoy it, I am here for an hour now. So I let go of my expectations for the class and focused and moved. The class was absolutely beautiful, once I let go. It felt perfect on my body and worked out all of my kinks. This ties back to my early morning bum fall and I realized how much yoga has changed my views.

If I would have spilled on myself and fallen on my bum four years ago (before yoga) I would have been pissed and probably decided that it was going to be the worst day ever. Therefore, it would have been. Now, I laugh at myself and KNOW that me falling has nothing to do with the rest of my day- I let it go. Just like when I take a yoga class that is slower than I hoped, I accept it and let the class flow.

When you just learn to accept life as it comes everything is easier and more pleasent. For me, things become humerous i.e. working out in Ugg slippers, slipping on my bum and spilling coffee, spilling red sauce on my white shirt (every time I wear white). These are all little things that could wreck my day, but instead they bring me a little giggle- mwahaha.

I have really chilled out since I began yoga (not to mention gained strength flexibility, confidence, I could go on...) and I have also learned to take everything as it is in that moment.

My favorite yoga mantra is "You are exactly where you are meant to be".
                                    This one time I practiced yoga in India for a week, For realz.

Really makes you stop and breathe and accept. That is exactly what I thought to myself as I sat down at my desk this morning, with a wet bum and coffee stained shirt... then, I giggled and had a wonderful day!

p.s. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY wazzzup weekend.

p.p.s. I am currently eating milk chocolate and toffee covered almonds from Lunds. omgomgomg get them now.