Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yoga Lessons

Okay- Hi remember me? I blog here (apparently not so often).

Anywhooo I am writing tonight to
1. tell a funny story and
2. do a little yoga talk.

1. This morning I thought to myself, "Whatever winter we are done! I am wearing my cute flats to work!"

Winter won... As I left the gym from an early morning sweat session- I slipped and fell right on my butt and spilled my bag, shocking. I somewhat awkwardly laughed at myself (had to look cool) and made it to my car. Then as I was walking into work... it happened again, shocking. Oh, want to know the best part?!?! I had coffee in hand. Terrific. Obviously, the start to a good day.
                                           I legit looked like this, except I am not a man.

Now, this leads me to number 2.

2. A lesson from yoga. Well for starters I have been making it a priority to keep yoga in my workout schedule, now that I am working full time. It keeps me calm, grounded and feeling excellent. Not to mention it aids digestion, relieves stress, builds strength and flexibility and tones the bod... I could go on BUT I will get to the point...

I was in a yoga class this evening, which I almost skipped because I was tired and wanted to go home, but I made myself go. I have never once regretted going to yoga. I took a C2- these are usually very fast paced classes, but tonight the teacher kept it a little slower, which actually made it more challenging for me. I often have a hard time with patience. I like to go, go, go. I don't really like sitting still and love to multi-task ... yoga stops that for me. I am challenged to turn my mind off and focus and breathe.
                                         No, that is not me- but clearly this guy can focus.

In this slower class tonight I was a little frustrated at first. I thought to myself "ahh this is boring, hurry up" but I stopped- told myself that I might as well enjoy it, I am here for an hour now. So I let go of my expectations for the class and focused and moved. The class was absolutely beautiful, once I let go. It felt perfect on my body and worked out all of my kinks. This ties back to my early morning bum fall and I realized how much yoga has changed my views.

If I would have spilled on myself and fallen on my bum four years ago (before yoga) I would have been pissed and probably decided that it was going to be the worst day ever. Therefore, it would have been. Now, I laugh at myself and KNOW that me falling has nothing to do with the rest of my day- I let it go. Just like when I take a yoga class that is slower than I hoped, I accept it and let the class flow.

When you just learn to accept life as it comes everything is easier and more pleasent. For me, things become humerous i.e. working out in Ugg slippers, slipping on my bum and spilling coffee, spilling red sauce on my white shirt (every time I wear white). These are all little things that could wreck my day, but instead they bring me a little giggle- mwahaha.

I have really chilled out since I began yoga (not to mention gained strength flexibility, confidence, I could go on...) and I have also learned to take everything as it is in that moment.

My favorite yoga mantra is "You are exactly where you are meant to be".
                                    This one time I practiced yoga in India for a week, For realz.

Really makes you stop and breathe and accept. That is exactly what I thought to myself as I sat down at my desk this morning, with a wet bum and coffee stained shirt... then, I giggled and had a wonderful day!

p.s. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY wazzzup weekend.

p.p.s. I am currently eating milk chocolate and toffee covered almonds from Lunds. omgomgomg get them now.

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  1. I have ZERO patience as well so maybe yoga would help me to chill. Thanks for the good advice!