Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 6: Your Favorite Super Hero and Why?

Who is my favorite Super Hero?... ummm

This one took me a while. I mean I am a girl and was never a big cartoon person. The only shows I liked were Ruggrats, Aurthur and that Recess show. Is that weird?

BUT I have to pick one so I moved away form the cartoon idea and onto CHRISTIAN BALE

                                                            Helloooo Dreamboat
He was Batman in "The Dark Night" and he is one of the best looking men in Hollywood (that is not my reason why but it does have to do with it).

I found it hot how he had to be secretive about being Batman and he did it so well. Oh, and he saved people....

Okay, honestly he is dreamy and hot and I would love to meet him. That is why he is my favorite Super Hero. Sorry this is not my best and no, I am not shallow.

On a different note (to make you giggle) I had another incident at the gym and it included Ugg slippers. Hehe, best part... my tennis shoes were in the bottom of my bag but I failed to look (give me a break it was 6 a.m.) and worked out in the slippers. After my workout and 234432536 odd looks I went to change and found my tennis shoes. Cool.

I laughed and thought to myself "typical".

Another note? I had a wonderful Valentines Day! I am usually not a fan of but it was perfect this year :) I am a lucky girl! Hope yours was wonderful. If it was not so wonderful I hope you ate lots of chocolate. If it was wonderful I hope you ate lots of chocolate.

My office seems to see holidays as an excuse for large amounts of treats. I suppose I can live with that.

My healthy snacks included:
-red velvet bar: YUM - I need to make these!
- cupcake

Literally, heaven

I enjoyed some carrot ts with my lunch though so obviously, it balances out.

Love, cake, and Super Hero's

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