Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 3: A Picture of Your Friends.

Day 3! I have the best friends ever...

Okay, I have two sets: College and high school and they both mean the world to me :

First I will do the HHS girls… I met two of them, Kristin and Sarah in kindergarden and have been friends ever since. We went form K through 8th grade together and got in our share of trouble. Then, we moved onto high school together. We came from the tiny Catholic school so it was a bit intimidating at first…. Until I met this girl Caitlin: p.s. check out her hilarious and witty blog here. She is a third sister to me.

 We clicked right away and there was no turning back. We became instant best friends and probably somewhat annoyingly obsessed with each other. Our moms talked about how we had our own language.  We enjoyed countless sleepovers eating cookie dough until we felt sick and laughed until we cried. She has been there with me through EVERYTHING. She is a fitness guru (for realz) and is an inspiration for healthy living and just living in general (my blog inspiration and introducer too!)

Love you!!

Then we met Layman. Did I just have class with you and we fell in love? I can't even remember but we all five became best friends and loved every second of HS together. Leaving them for UST was tough!
Forth of July at Laymans

My Cabin

But I did it… College came and I picked UST (THANK GOD) because I met these fine ladies. I have some unbelievable memories of college thanks to all these girls. Crazy, hilarious, roll on the ground laughter along with some crying (we are girls) a few cocktails (a few?!)

... and weekends away loving life.

Best two weekends ever. 

 I am blessed to have each one in my life and they have all made me a better person.
I consider my friends my soul mates and I know I am SO lucky to have them. 

Love you all :)

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