Thursday, February 3, 2011


Freshly 22! 

I am 22 and finally beginning my first job since I graduated in May. I have done some work-from-home and free-lancing, as well as interning and have had some wonderful mentors! Now I am starting my dream job (starting as an intern on Monday) wish me Luck! (I plan on kicking ass and taking names).

One thing I SWEAR I will improve on (and explains the name of my blog a bit) is running late. I really have a tendency to be late. BUT it is a New Years resolution to knock it off. I read a wonderful quote that totally put it into perspective for me:

“When you are late it shows that you think your tiny world is that much more important.” –don’t remember who said it.

EWWW I do not want to come off as a person like that: So I am working on it.

Also the “running” part… I juuuust signed up for my 4th marathon (Chicago 2011, wazzup). With one of my bffs (Rach and sister Megan and friend Kate). I cannot wait I am shooting for my PR, which is currently 3:25 and I am going for 3:23 so I can do NYC. We’ll see… (there will be plenty more running/ marathon posts to come!)

Other little things about me: I am a runner so obvi. I am a foodie and even more of a “sweetie” (probs. not a term but it should be) I LOVE dessert. I mostly eat pretty darn healthy, I like the way it makes me feel and how I run but seriously, put a brownie in front of me and CHOMP it’s gone (esp. if it is from Bread and Chocolate.)

Or the best cake in the world from: The Cakery in my hometown

21st bday cake (omg)

I can be a little impulsive/ spontaneous: I also have odd amounts of silly bad luck.  Luckily, I usually find it hilarious and laugh it off. Examples: Spill whenever I wear white, I run out of gas far too often, every time I put a water bottle in my purse it is somehow opened. I have forgotten underwear and a hair dryer on early morning gym visits before work (uncomfortable and ugly)... Too much information? 

I love to shop: my friends and family have intervened.

I live in Minneapolis and we have a love-hate relationship (love summer and hate winter).
                                               The best summer of my life with these kids.

My family is the best Mom, Dad, Megan and Kate. I grew up as the forgotten middle child but I am okay with it because now I am the favorite, hehe.

Da Fam.

My friends are awesome, like really the best. I live with six girls in a "Post College Sorority" house.
We pretend this is our "symbol"...

My friends from high school are unreal as well... 

Sometimes I wish I was still in College because UST rocks but for the most part I am enjoying this whole “grown-up” thing…
Great UST memories!

*Disclaimer: you will all learn I am immature – and I plan on staying that way.

Oh lastly, I teach Power Vinyassa Yoga and the lovely CPY and I teach Sculpt as well. I am obsessed with yoga. I will have posts on that lata gatas

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