Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marathoning #4 begins!!!! :)

Marathon training has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is extremely exciting... it all began yesterday.

Well, I thought I would be beyond thrilled but when I woke up I felt like this.

My knees had not been feeling too hot lately so I was not feeling the six that was on my sched.

So I hit the gym and did cross training on the elliptical and bike. I am pretty pumped I was able to listen to what my body was telling me and my knees feel great for toady's run. I mentioned before that I did one of my running days a week on the elliptical, for Boston, and got the same time as I did in the previous marathon!

I am a believer in listening to my knees... they tend to win when I don't.

I am excited to see where this training takes me. Some of you my know I am trying to cut about two minutes of my time in the great city of Chicago! But, at the same time I have never gotten too hard on myself about times. I like to run a race and enjoy it rather than feeling like my legs are going to burst. So if I do a little more speed work and run with some faster friends (Kurt) throughout the summer I think I will be able to do it... if not I will survive :)

What are your running goals? Do you set realistic goals or far fetched?

P.s. my pic uploads aren't working but I promise to get some in soon!

P.p.s. Good luck to all the other runners who begin training!

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