Sunday, June 19, 2011

What Dad Taught Me

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Dad!! My Dad is for real the best one. I know people say that but I really mean it. He is intelligent, hard working, caring and dedicated to his family. Oh, and he is hilarious.

I am who I am because of my Dad and what he has taught me...

1. Work your butt off at whatever you do.
My Dad is one of the hardest working guys you will meet. On his "day off" he makes up some kind project to do outside or in the basement. Such as reorganizing the china set we never use or sweeping the garage until you can eat off of it. I am currently watching him outside "do a project". Haha, no clue what it is.

He is a travel agent and is constantly traveling and running around, he works for us :) He has always said he works for his girls.

2. Clean up
My Dad is an advocate for a clean car, room, house anything and huge about turning lights off. When I was little I thought this was possibly the most annoying thing about him. I DID NOT want to turn the dang light off in my room if I didn't feel like it... naturally I have come to learn that he was right. It saves money and the world. Smart guy.
I still work on the picking up after yourself thing...

3. Good food doesn't have to be expensive.
MyDad goes to all the best restaurants for his work- he takes clients out, hosts dinners when he is on trips... I think it sounds AWESOME. But my Dad knows good food and always tells me his favorite spots are not the super pricey places... he would even prefer to eat at home. My mom is a terrific cook and we all love her food, Dad would chose a home cooked meal any-day. This is something I have really come to appreciate too. I am working on my cooking skills and have really begun to enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen!

4. Be the life of the party and never grow up.
My Dad is well... a tad on the immature side. I mean this in the best way possible- he loves to have fun and make people laugh. He is seriously the BIGGEST goof ball and I love that about him. Anywhere we go he makes someone laugh (or nearly pee their pants) and always makes a party more fun. I have heard my Dad and I have the same volume... loud or extra loud. I love this about him.

5. Learn how to let things go.
My Dad knows how to let stupid things go. He is one of the most forgiving and caring people I have ever met. He never holds a grudge and when I am over dramatic about something he is the one who tells me to relax, take a few breaths and just let it go. Wise words (and he doesn't even do yoga)!

I love you Dad and all the things you have taught me :) I look forward to learning more from such a wonderful man!

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  1. i love henry. i'd say he probably has the favorite uncle status.